Grilling Time!


We have not only designed the most innovative and effective pepper cooker, we have also designed a full line of accessories to go along with it. Our corers make removing the insides of the peppers and hollowing them out a synch. Forget the tearing vapors, hot hands and lost sense of smell while preparing the ultimate dish you are used to. Our tortilla ovens go great for Tex-Mex enthusiasts looking to create an authentic spicy Mexican dish in the comfort of their own homes.

So let’s think back…remember all those nights you spent preparing the tastiest appetizer ever? Remember the sneezing, choking, hacking fit you had while you cored your peppers and then running out side just get a breath of fresh air? Remember how you slept with your hands on ice because they were on fire? Remember all that hard work just to bite into a delicious pepper to find out all the stuffing oozed out the end while they were cooking?

 NOT ANYMORE! We have just the setup for all you pepper stuffing fans! 

Do you love stuffed jalapeno peppers but can’t ever seem to cook them properly? Until now keeping ingredients inside stuffed peppers has been almost impossible and extremely frustrating. The Jalapeno Griller was designed to help keep peppers upright to secure the ingredients inside and capture all the flavor and spice in stuffed jalapeno peppers. Our Jalapeno Griller comes in various shapes and sizes to meet the demands of the cook using it.

Jalapeno enthusiasts have just found a new best friend. The original Jalapeno Griller makes preparing and cooking stuffed jalapeno peppers easier than ever. Our full line of cooking tools and accessories are geared specifically for people and businesses looking to serve and eat the best jalapeno and Chile peppers on the planet. If you are looking to turn up the heat, you have come to the right place.